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Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm

Lakeside Youth starts back on September 18! This semester we’ll be taking a deep dive into the story of God. Over the course of 10 weeks we’ll learn the grand narrative of the whole Bible in a small group learning environment. Each week students will receive a take-home devotional called “Going Deep” that will help them engage more deeply with the material.

507 Rally

Every quarter we get together with the rest of the area youth groups for the 507 Rally. This is an opportunity for students to worship with their classmates who go to different churches. Every 507 Rally has free pizza, entertainment, and a message.


At Lakeside Youth we recite a mantra every time we get together. It goes like this: 

  • I’m a total mess. There is nothing about us that is put together; we are weak, slow to understand, and inconsistent in following Jesus.
  • But I’m totally loved by God. The good news is that God accepts us how we are, not how we wish we were. In Jesus, we’re forgiven and brought into God’s family!
  • So here I go. Because of the grace we’ve been given, we’re sent as ambassadors of Christ to our friends, family, school, job, etc. God’s love— not our mess— defines every aspect of life.

These truths are the center of what it means to be part of Lakeside Youth. If you’re a middle or high school student who is longing for something like this— longing to connect with God, his family, and his mission— then we’d love for you to join us.



Noah Wright

Pastor of Worship and Students

[email protected]


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