Lead Pastor-Wesley Kouba

Wesley Kouba

Lead Pastor

[email protected]


    • About Me: I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband of Katie and a dad to three amazing kids: Gentry, Creed & Mari. I’m an extrovert who loves to hangout with people. I’ve been described as practical, calculated and passionate.
    • Role on Staff: I serve Lakeside Church in discipling men and women through counseling, pastoral care, preaching, teaching and leadership development. I oversee the church staff and administrate the week-to-week tasks and responsibilities.
    • Hobbies: I love the great outdoors, primarily waterfowl hunting. I root for the Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago professional sports teams. I love music, good coffee and spending time with friends.
    • Favorite Books/Authors: Eugene Peterson, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Wendell Berry
    • Favorite Movies: Nacho Libre
    • Favorite Foods/Restaurants: Sushi, a good steak, and fish ’n chips
Facility Caretaker, America Voss

Cole Harper

Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship

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    • About Me: I’m a Christian, husband, and a pastor, in that order. I was born in Indiana, but “grew up” in Louisville, Kentucky. Minnesota suits me because I’m a cold weather nut. Lastly, whatever you see me doing, chances are I’d rather be reading.
    • Role on Staff: I assist in discipleship and leadership development through Missional Communities, sharing preaching and teaching, and pastoral care.
    • Hobbies: I’m a weather geek and a book worm. I gravitate toward history, fiction, and biographies.
    • Favorite Books/Authors: Hard telling, but the authors are re-read the most are Chesterton, Lewis, and George Herbert.
    • Favorite Movies: I’d say a toss up between The Shawshank Redemption and A Christmas Story.
    • Favorite Food/Restaurant: A dead heat between a greasy burger, and Chinese takeout.
Facility Caretaker, America Voss

Noah Wright

Pastor of Worship and Students

[email protected]


    • About Me: I’m a ragamuffin who’s married to Mary Kate, a dad to Elsie, and a pastor at Lakeside Church. Originally from the Chicago area, I studied in Louisville, Kentucky (Southern Seminary) where I met my wife. I’m passionate about the arts and theology.
    • Role on Staff: I lead our student ministry and worship bands, and assist in preaching and pastoral care.
    • Hobbies: I love to read, watch TV/movies, play board games, listen to and make music, and generally be inside. My one outdoor hobby is kayaking.
    • Favorite Books/Authors: This is changing constantly but I’d say my go-to authors are N.T. Wright, Wendell Berry, and Annie Dillard. But I love sci-fi novels like Dune and fantasy books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
    • Favorite Movies: Star Wars
    • Favorite Food/Restaurant: My favorite restaurant in Worthington is a toss up between Panda House and Lupita’s.
Children’s Ministry Director, Bonnie Beman

Bonnie Beman

Children’s Ministry Director

[email protected]


    • About Me: I grew up in Worthington area and married my high school sweetheart, Jeff Beman. We have two girls, Brenda (Joshua) Beman Oberloh and Tammi Beman Landers. I have four grandchildren whom I adore.
    • Role on Staff: I have worked at Lakeside Church as the Children’s Ministry Director since 2010, but I’ve attended Lakeside Church since 1995. My job here is to oversee the Children’s Ministry which includes ages 0 through 5th grade.
    • Hobbies: I love a good love story and I can be quite crafty. I also am a big fan of whatever my grandchildren and kids are into. So that could include dance, All Day for Africa, swim team, gymnastics and a variety of other fun things thrown in.
    • Favorite Food/Restaurant: I do love good food wherever it is found, so really that could be anywhere from a good restaurant to you inviting me to your favorite home cooked meal.




Administrative Assistant, Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]


    • About Me: I’m a Minnesota native and grew up in a nearby town where I met and married my husband, Ric. We relocated to Worthington in 1981 and have made it our home where we raised our three children, Lindsay, Andrew, and Alex. Our two oldest, Lindsay and Andrew are raising their families in the Twin Cities while our youngest, Alex is newly married and living in Seoul, South Korea. We love to share the latest pics of our 5 awesome grandkids whenever asked. 🙂 Lakeside Church has also become home and family to me while serving as the Administrative Assistant.
    • Hobbies: I love to read, garden, cook, travel and spend time with my grand-kids. My husband and I are also dog lovers with 2 Goldendoodles named Sam & Riley.
    • Favorite Books/Authors: In the past year, a couple of favorite reads and authors are In His Image by Jen Wilken and It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst. Tim Kellar, C.S. Lewis, and Paul Tripp are also favorite authors.
    • Favorite Movies: I have many favorite movies and enjoy comedy classics like What About Bob? and Ground Hog Day. I also like a good murder mystery and the latest kid’s movies. I‘ve been known to attend the family movie night by myself from time to time. 🙂
    • Favorite Food/Restaurant: My husband and I love Chevy’s in Sioux Falls and a new favorite in Worthington is eating outside (on a nice day) at the Taco Truck.

Jonah Wright

Communications Director

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    • About Me: I was born and raised in various towns in Illinois, spending my formative years in and around Chicago. I moved to Worthington in 2018, after graduating from Moody Bible Institute. I spend most of my time goofing off with my friends and family. I’m grateful that God has given me roles as a disciple, comedian, and fun uncle.
    • Role on Staff: As Communications Director, I create and manage content on our website, social media platforms, and print media. I also lead worship, help with administrative tasks, create videos, and answer the phone when you call our office.
    • Hobbies: I enjoy performing stand-up and improv comedy, playing music, watching movies, and writing.
    • Favorite Books/Authors: Short stories by Flannery O’Connor and JD Salinger
    • Favorite Movies: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Birdman, and Star Wars
    • Favorite Food/Restaurant: Asian food